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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snoop Dogg arrested for marijuana possession

Just following the footsteps of his good friend, legendary musician Willie Nelson

Border patrol busted Snoop Dogg for  marijuana  possession  during a standard inspection of his tour bus in Sierra Blanca, Texas. 

Drug-sniffing dogs found and alerted the authorities about the drugs in a waste basket. Several joints was found inside a red prescription bottle.

Snoop has a California-authorized prescription for the cannabis but it's a big NO in Texas. The state has zero policy about medicinal  marijuana.

After his citation, he was ordered to appear in court in 11 days. Snoop is facing 180 days in jail if convicted

Ironically it is the same checkpoint where country singer Willie Nelson was arrested for possessing marijuana in 2010.

[Photo courtesy of  Chris McGrath/Getty Images]
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