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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Selena Gomez’s Topless Photos Scandal Being Shopped?

Actress Selena Gomez is the latest Disney star under fire over alleged scandalous topless photos which is now being shopped around. Is Selena also wants to break free like Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus?

Hollyscoop reports that they had obtained a topless pictures of a girl who looked a lot like Selena. The girl has shorter hair and the photos were taken inside a bathroom by an unknown person. The site will not publish the said photos because they can't verify the time the photos was taken (if she's over 18 at that time).

Her clean reputation is now being ruined by this alleged photos but according to Selena’s camp, who are furious about this incident that the photos that being shopped around are totally FAKE!

Her lawyers is now taking action by sending out cease and desist letter. Lawsuit will be filed against the people who will who publish the said scandalous photos.

[Photo courtesy by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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Anonymous said...

you still look prettie

Anonymous said...

I think (wish) a law would be passed forbidding dubbing peoples faces on nude bodies. ( and nude body parts over real bodies as well like when someone shopped Brittany S. bikini pics where they dubbed breast over where the bikini top used to be. )
But at least she was in her early-to-mid 20's at the time. Yes, we all know all know about Brittany's repeated wardrobe malfunctions and "Oops, I forgot my panties again" scandals.

I know some countries would not bother making such a law as this but if the ones who already follow the over 18 laws on pornography would, it would *help* a lot.

This law should especially be created for/if the *original* picture was taken before the kid was over 18. Dubbing a kids face on a nude body or nude parts on a kid under 18 is very close and borderline to child porno in my opinion.."

Though probable privately taken pictures as described in this article where it says it's in a bathroom would be very difficult to prove when it was taken. Let's just hope Selena hasn't fallen to the childish "Look I'm all grown up now!" scams that a lot of barely over 18 celebrities have.

I realize that Selena is now over 18 but as this article stated, it is in question as to not only if it really is Selena but also was she over 18 when the pictures were taken.

-Yes, I know the modern expression is "shopping or photo shopping" to fake any photo of any kind.

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