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Thursday, January 20, 2011

PAMI statement over Baron Geisler-Cherry Pie Picache groping issue

The Professional Artist Management, Inc. (PAMI) announced their decision over actor Baron Geisler continues unethical behavior towards other artist.

PAMI wants all artists managed by its members to stop working with Geisler in connection with the latest complaint filed by actress Cherry Pie Picache. The veteran actress claimed that Geisler touched her breasts during the taping of the television series "Noah". Barom strong denies the said allegations.

PAMI issue their official statement (via Push):
PAMI just concluded an emergency meeting in response to the letter of complaint received from Mr. Ed Instrella (manager of Cherry Pie Picache) against Actor Baron Geisler.
Ed Instrella related the unfortunate incident involving Cherry Pie and Baron during the taping of Noah last Friday January 14, 2011. Arnold Vegafria in behalf of Baron expressed his sincere apology. He is in agreement that Baron needs professional and medical help and has expressed to PAMI that Baron is willing to undergo treatment. We are supporting Arnold in his efforts to help his artist.
After hearing both sides from the two PAMI Members, Ed and Arnold, the PAMI has decided on the following:
1. That all PAMI managed artists should not be exposed to incidents like this again for their safety and security
2. We are requesting the assurance from all networks and movie producers to ensure that any actor in an intoxicated state should not be allowed on the set
3. That Baron should publicly apologize to Cherry Pie Picache
4. To inhibit all PAMI managed artists from working with Baron until such time that PAMI believes Baron Geisler is fully rehabilitated.

Baron Geisler is definitely a great actor but it's becoming a pattern of umlawful behavior on and off camera. He is still facing sexual harassment charges from Yasmien Kurdi and also from the 21-year-old daughter of celebrity couple William Martinez and Ma. Rosario “Yayo" Aguila-Martinez.

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