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Friday, October 21, 2011

'X Factor' Paula Abdul talks about being "unique" & "striving for excellence."

For 'X Factor' judge Paula Abdul, it is not just the vocals skills of her aspiring singers that she will be guiding. She wants also to focus the contestant's confidence and self respect to themselves.

Paula said in an interview with Life & Style:
"It's about teaching them to be bold, daring and unique." She also added, "We're not striving for perfection. We're striving for excellence."
Also she thinks that her experienced in battling bulimia will give them better perspective.
"We're striving for healthy bodies." Paula admits, "I talk to them about my struggles. I'm living proof you can learn to accept and love everything about yourself that is unique and makes you stand out. It's not about comparing yourself to everyone else."
Having a certain X-factor will give aspiring singer an edge in pursuing her career in this industry.

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