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Saturday, October 8, 2011

'American Idol' Scotty McCreery on Finding a Girlfriend in his hometown..

Scotty McCreery started as an underdog during his American Idol stint but still he was triumphant winning AI's tenth season. Despite the popularity, the 17 year-old singer suddenly realized that his new found fame is isn't enough to have a girlfriend from his hometown .

Highlights of McCreery's interview (via USmag):
Us: Now that you’re the American Idol and you're in school, are you still single?

SM: Yeah, I’m still single. I've been single for about three or four years running and nothing's changed. I get the prom proposals in Minnesota when I'll be in North Carolina or the marriage proposals or whatever. It’s definitely a change, but back home it hasn't been too much different.

Us: Now that you’re famous and everything, the most beautiful girl in school isn't throwing herself at you?

SM: I wouldn’t let that happen. I wouldn't let someone who didn't give me the time of day before come back in and me fall for it. People who were my good friends before are my good friends now. There's no hard feelings to people who weren't but I’m not going to fall for that stuff. I'm the same dude. Nothing's changed. My life has changed, but as far as me, as a person, nothing's changed I get the 'hey' in the hallway or a wave or something I wouldn't have gotten before, but nothing too drastic.
The reality -- With Scotty McCreery's goody image, it is doubtful if the ladies will instantly falls for him. Girls are more interested with thrill and excitement --- in short, adventurous guys.

[Photo courtesy by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]
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