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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman In Action with costume modification

Adrianne Palicki is now making her superhero moves as the new Wonder Woman as she shoot action sequence for NBC-David E. Kelley upcoming TV series, “Wonder Woman” in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday (March 29).

Many criticized the new outfit with the blue boots when they initially released the first promo photo but it seems they made some costume modification. She and her stunt double are now wearing red boots and no more shiny pants.

[Photos courtesy by CBM]
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muslim marriage events said...

She doesn't look like wonder woman. she looks like miss universe going to a costume party. shameful.

Anonymous said...

Agree - or a sorority girl going to a costume party.

And while the costume is still not great, I don't feel it's entirely the costume. She just doesn't look like wonder-woman. They need someone a little more muscular I think. Not butch, or one of those giant muscle weight-lifting ladies, but you know... just a little more buff and athletic looking. This girl looks like the type that's scared to break a nail.

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