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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar will play two characters in "The Ringer"; Shoe Details

After announcing the return of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar in the upcoming CBS new series "The Ringer", checkout below the details about the new show.

Producer Peter Traugott tells EW: “It’s an edgy thriller about redemption and about revenge. There’s a point of view of two twin sisters who grew apart over a tragedy in their past. And one now seeks redemption and the other one seeks revenge. The sister who is seeking redemption has had a much more troubled life. When her fancy pants sister disappears, she takes over her life. She’s living the life of her more successful sister only to come to find out that her life is equally as fraught with danger and complication. Her sister dies in a boating accident. The other sister takes on her persona, only to come to find out that they have a hit out on her.”

Sarah plays two characters, One is Bridget, the sister who takes over Siobhan’s life—Siobhan’s the other sister.

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