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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fitness icon Jack LaLanne Dies at 96; his son Jon LaLanne Taking Over the Family Business

Fitness icon Jack LaLanne, who strongly advocates and motivates people to follow a healthy lifestyle, died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia at his home in Morro Bay, California on Sunday afternoon (January 23). He was 96.

Elaine (Jack's wife for 51 years) said that he is more than just a husband.
"I have not only lost my husband and a great American icon, but the best friend and most loving partner anyone could ever hope for."
Jack got three children, two sons, Dan and Jon, and a daughter, Yvonne.

Jack LaLanne's son Jon will continue the fitness legacy of her father and he will take over the family business and become the new spokesperson for his father's company.
Jon LaLanne told TMZ, "Though we are saddened by our father's passing, the overwhelming response from fans and the media has made us all feel he is still with us."
Jon added, "I plan to carry on the family business. I will be alongside my mother Elaine, my wife Lora, my brother Dan and my sister Yvonne touring the country preaching my father's common sense approach to a longer and better life."
Jon LaLanne also has his own surf board company named “LaLa”.

[Photo courtesy by TMZ]

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