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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diane Lane in Ladies’ Home Journal October 2010 issue

Actress Diane Lane opens up about her marriage, liberating things and aging on camera in the latest October 2010 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal.
Highlights of her interview...

Diane Lane in having a normal moment during three-week road trip with her husband, "There's nothing more liberating than blowing out of town in a rental car. Most people expect you to be in a limo, wearing sunglasses and a designer dress, but there I was with my bare feet up on the dashboard, painting my toenails, popping crackers and watching the world go by."

"Most of the time we didn't have a plan. We would just find a hotel -- one star, two stars, three stars. It didn't matter,? she says. "It's moments like those when you marvel at the simplicity of life."

Diane Lane on compromise that comes with marriage, "I recently said to Josh, 'Being in a relationship makes it impossible to avoid yourself.' It may not always make me comfortable but it sure has made me a better person. And I'll take that any day."

Diane Lane on aging on camera and plastic surgery, “Some days I want to get a boob job, some days I want to get the eye lift. Then other days I’m like ‘Absolutely not! Have some integrity! Be those footprints in the sand that lead other forward in a more dignified manner.’ But it’s all about what makes you happy. It’s a hyper-personal domain.”

[Photo courtesy by lhj]

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