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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carmen Soo & Christian Bautista in Your Song presents "Beautiful Girl

The lovely Carmen Soo was caught in an unexpected situation of letting go and falling in love again with singer Christian Bautista in ABS-CBN's newest offering of Your Song presents "Beautiful Girl".

The story is about a Malaysian girl played by Carmen who lost her boyfriend.

Her Malaysian boyfriend's heart was donated to a Filipino, portrayed by Christian Bautista, who has a major heart ailment.

As fate continues to conspire on their behalf, Carmen will eventually see the image of her boyfriend through Christian.

Trapped between letting go of the past and falling in love with a different person, Carmen finds her way back into love while throwing away bit by bit all the remnants of her past. -(ABS-CBN)PEP
Your Song presents "Beautiful Girl" airs every Sunday afternoon starting September 12 after ASAP XV.

[Photo courtesy by Jojit Lorenzo]

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