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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Newscaster Korina Sanchez on critics: "No one gets to use me unless I want to be used"

With the 2010 Presidential election in the Philippines is fast approaching, suspicion and doubts are being thrown to top presidential contender Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II for his timing in announcing his undying love and wedding plans to popular and respected ABS-CBN senior correspondent Korina Sanchez.

Even though their doubting Mar's intentions and timing, Korina defended her man in a recent interview and slams speculations by some people that they just settling down in order to boost Mar's Presidential bid.
“I am not stupid. Maybe people would like to kid themselves believing someone is using and the other is being used…. No one gets to use me unless I want to be used.”
Dating for five years, the future first lady feels that this is the right time to tie the knot.
“Marriage is a serious matter. If I had been able to stay away from marriage this long, wouldn’t you think I would have the best of reasons to settle down?” and added “I believe there are a thousand reasons why a woman should not marry. But it will only take someone like Mar to ask you to be beside him in life that should be the one good reason why marriage becomes a temptation.”
Mar Roxas and Korina will expect more bad propaganda against the two of them. Whether the couples timing is good or bad, the important is a President must have a first lady in his side to help him in different activities and a wife that will help him to take out the pressure of being leader of a country.

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