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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Shows Off New White Teeth

After being bombarded with criticism about her troubled teeth, Lindsay Lohan is back with her new pearly whites! She took a photo featuring her gracious smile and posted to her WhoSay page.

Thanking the person responsible for her new pearly whites, Lindsay wrote:
"Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom... My gums are so sore though!"
A couple of weeks ago in an event, "The Mean Girls" star showed off her not so pleasant-looking set of teeth and instantly, lots of criticism rolled out about her stained and chipped teeth. Even her estranged troubled father, Michael Lohan, jumped to the issue and claimed that Lindsay's rotting teeth was due to smoking crack or meth.

By the way, her photo above also displayed cigarette-littered ashtray and a couple of unidentifiable beverages.

It seems this photo is also her statement of saying that she has a 'quick remedy' despite her consumption of nicotine, coffee or any other alcoholic beverages that can stained her teeth. Privileges of being controversial.

Next stuff for Lindsay ---- court hearing on Wednesday.

[Photo courtesy by whosay]
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