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Thursday, September 15, 2011

VIDEO: Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett "Body And Soul"

September 14 would have been the 28th birthday of the late Amy Winehouse and to honor the great artist, they just released the final video of her last recording with the great Tony Bennett. The two recorded a duet for the song “Body and Soul” in which proceeds from sale will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Grammy-winning "Back To Black" singer is looking very happy, healthy and in good spirits... Many are still stunned on her untimely death.

Bennett described Winehouse, saying she was "someone who knows how to intuitively improvise and make it believable and sing with humanity and soul and honesty, no compromising. ... Amy had that gift. She was the only one of all of the contemporary artists that I've met through the years. ... She's the only one that was able to do it."

Amy died at her home in London on July 23 and autopsy results showed no illegal substances found in her body.

The world mourns over her death, Amy revolutionizes the music industry and definitely she influences many young celebrities today.

Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett “Body and Soul”

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