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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's “Papi” - Men simply goes Crazy! (Music Video)

"Just One Small Bite!!!!"

Now that she's single, Jennifer Lopez became more irresistible and hotter than ever in this funny action-packed music video for her latest song, “Papi”!

In this clip, Lopez ate a magic heart-shaped cookie in which it gave her a bewitching charm that men became more passionately insane with her. Attracting the attention of the men as they rock their world over JLo. 

Men goes frenzy following her --- doing crazy stuff to impressed and be noticed by 42-year-old singer-actress, causing all kinds of chaos due the magic love spell.

'Papi' is the third single from the star's seventh studio album Love? The video is directed by Paul Hunter.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

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