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Friday, March 25, 2011

Marian Rivera as Cindy in Bampirella - Promo Photos

Marian Rivera showed off her scary-sweet sultry charm in her promo photos as Cindy in the new GMA-7's new horror-comedy program, "Spooky Nights presents Bampirella"!

Bampirella is a female vampire who was a mere human until she was cursed to transform into a 'beautiful yet undead creature' every time the clock strikes twelve midnight.

A beautiful woman, Cindy works in a chocolate factory where Mitch (Gelli De Belen) is the manager. Unknown to Cindy, Mitch is a cunning witch and would later curse her to be an ugly human during daytime. By nightfall, she goes back to being beautiful but also becomes a vampire.

Being cursed, Cindy has only one way to be human again—to find her true love. However, she has to suck the blood and the life out of this man to really break Mitch's curse.

Directed by Albert Langitan and it air every Saturday  starting March 26
[Photos courtesy by GMA Network - showbiz-portal]
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