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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Philippine Basketball Association's new home is now on Studio 23

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the first and oldest professional basketball league in Asia, has found a new home and it is on ABS-CBN's sister channel "Studio 23".

Solar Sports decision to transfer the broadcast and coverage from RPN-9 to Studio 23 was approved by PBA's Board of Governors.

Commissioner Chito Salud said in a statement, “The Board’s decision ensures that our fans will continue to enjoy our PBA games for the 36th season. It has always been the primary consideration of the Board of Governors that our games are brought to a wider and younger audience.”

RPN-9’s move to reformat its programming prompted Solar Sports to request the PBA of the broadcast transfer.

Studio 23 also broadcast the college hoops from UAAP and NCAA. With this transfer the marketing possibilities will be more wider.

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