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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marisa Miller "Loves Her butt"; Shape magazine February 2011 issue

Covering Shape magazine's February 2011 issue  is Supermodel Marisa Miller, who  always looks delightful with her  radiant smile and enticing body.

The 32 year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model talks about career lesson, cooking, being nick name “bubble butt” during high school and many more...

On career lesson and competition: "I'd be in tears because I wasn't doing well. But the healthy competition really toughened me up. They said I was too curvy and too American. I couldn't change my body. But I always believed I was going to find my niche in the business and eventually I did. I recognized what my strengths were and forged my own path."

On cooking: “I’m addicted to the Food Network,” she added “If I’m going to have something rich and yummy, I’m not reaching for prepackaged brownies. I’m going to make a pie from scratch.”

On being called 'Bubble Butt': "We refused to do squats at volleyball practice because we didn't want them to get any bigger." And now? "I love my butt and want to make sure it stays where it is. I was just talking to that same friend and we were laughing because now all we want to do is lots of squats to keep our rear ends curvy and feeling strong."

On being very focus on her workout routine: "I go to a down-and-dirty boxing gym, and I don't want to worry about how I look or whether I'm wearing the perfect outfit. For me, it's about focusing for an hour and a half on my workout."

For the full article, visit Shape.

[Photos courtesy by Shape]

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