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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lea Michele sexy photo shoot for Marie Claire UK November 2010

Taking some time off from her Glee‘s geek-chic diva image, Lea Michele did a sultry pose for Marie Claire UK’s November 2010 issue! [More photos below]

Highlights of her interview:

On partying: “I can honestly sit down in front of you and say I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. I never have and that’s who I am. These days I have one glass of wine and I’m completely gone… I much prefer a glass of wine and a bath at home at night to relax.”

On how Glee changed her: “Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don’t feel like they’re lying."

On her secret vice? Tattoos. She has nine, each chronicling a significant milestone in her life: "They’re all tiny. I mean, you saw me in the shoot today, I was practically nude. Did you see any? No. I’m telling you, I have nine. All so, so, so little."

[Photos courtesy by Marie Claire]

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