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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jay Taruc “EXORCIST" I-WITNESS' documentary, October 11

Do you feel the creep and horror every time you watch the iconic exorcism scene like the girl twisting her head 360 degrees and speaking cursing languages when a priest is doing exorcism. Now, Jay Taruc investigates and enters to the world of Pinoy Exorcism with the help of people from the office of Exorcism under the Archdiocese of Manila in his I-WITNESS' documentary titled, “EXORCIST".
For the first time on Philippine television, the Office of Exorcism under the Archdiocese of Manila has opened its doors to a documentary team for an in-depth discussion of a subject that has long been kept behind closed doors. I-Witness has been allowed access to the official “exorcists" of the Church as well as confidential exorcism footage.

Father Jocis Syquia, head of the Office of the Exorcism, divulges what really goes on during the exorcism ritual conducted by a team of experts composed of priests, a lawyer, a doctor, and volunteers commissioned by the Archdiocese. The team is tasked to handle cases of demonic disturbances in persons, places or things.

The critically acclaimed film, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose," is based upon the tragic true story of Anneliese Michel who died after months of undergoing exorcism rituals. Anneliese’s story is controversial and raised questions about exorcism. After this incident, the Vatican revised their book of exorcism rituals and required that a doctor and lawyer be present whenever a ritual is to be performed.

Accordingly, before any exorcism ritual can occur, a psychiatric evaluation and a series of interviews have to be completed by the person, for the exorcist to determine if it is an authentic demonic attack.

Father Syquia and his fellow exorcist Father Jojo Cerrudo have been involved in numerous cases of demonic possession. They tell of moments when they had to grip onto their faith to continue what they were doing because the demon, they said, retaliated in unexpected ways. To these real-life exorcists, it is all part of a battle to bring the person back to a meaningful relationship with God.
I-WITNESS' “EXORCIST" will air this Monday, October 11 in GMA-7.

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