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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gilbert Arenas wants the court to dismiss the gun dealer's lawsuit

After avoiding jail time over gun-toting showdown incident, NBA star Gilbert Arenas is now facing the lawsuit filed by a gun dealer. Arenas is asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit because the deal is illegal!

Tactical Operations is suing Arenas after he bought five custom Beretta pistols with five silencers in February of 2006 but he failed to get the guns. Now, Arenas must pay $70,000 in storage fees.
According to TMZ, Arenas has moved to dismiss the dealer's claims because the alleged agreement involved the sale of "'silencers' to a civilian," which violates both California and federal law. Arenas' lawyer claims, "It is a felony for any person ... to possess any silencer for firearms" and it was therefore "illegal for [Tactical Operations] to sell any silencer to Arenas."
The suspended NBA star pleaded guilty last January 15 to felony charge over gun possession without license.

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